An Homage to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave 
A woman awakens in a cave

Her vision is blurred, her lips are dry
she tries so hard to see the flame
where images are dancing by

she brings her hands to her face
that to her surprise are locked in chains
like her bodace, wrapped up in lace.
bound so tight her body pains.

She feels the ground beneath her legs
where cold, black dirt makes up a mound
along the stone wall stands a peg
that her shackles are tightly bound.

within the cooridor of her mind
there is nothing but empty ground
no new thought she will ever find
so she watches the shadows without a sound

Dancing creatures form stories
whimsical pictures that she enjoys
contently falling into ease
Her reality fleetingly deploys.

What was once a spectacle
loses it’s itch
nothing is tactile
but it becomes a kitsch

drawn by the fire she sits alone
awaiting nothing in particular
the hand of God has no tone
but it is nothing less than spectacular

On a day less than notable
her chains release her
she has learned all that is palpable
and what she seeks is no longer here

standing slowly on her weak legs
she wipes off the dirt
from her shaggy rags
to take a step will surly hurt.

as she steped to the flame
she realized seeing the truth is not just with eyes
for what had given her a name
had only been a reflection of lies.

not stopping there
knowledge had only begun
she pushed through the door
towards the beaming sun

blinded at first
she covers her face
to protect her from the worst
of the whole earthly race

Slowly adjusting to her newly found place
she sees the world in it’s raw form
with all of its’ complexities and grace
for which she never had to conform

and as she steps into her new world
she smiles slightly letting her soul unfurl

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