Inky Water

Bubbles burst like foam in coffee
while her caramel hands melt by way of my body
black curls dissolve like chocolate
melting on the tip of my tongue
and breath
as slow as molasses
from the recesses of our lungs
two bewitched like bees to a hive.
here we are suspended for a time
in the land of milk and honey
in my memory – as untouched and
as though the pristine ‘us’ has been captured in a tomb of sticky amber
entombed but will eternally remain alive.
elsewhere time climbed
a tangled vine
its tendrils turned their hearts to the sun
and reached out for us lovers
spitting fire from our tongues
my pulse lingered unable to thrive.
vice ran deep for us both
from the ashes of our love grew a beast
I fought to escape its coal-crusted fingers
and the dirty grip it had on my heart
so soon after being enflamed by another
then it occurred to me that to fight a beast
you must make the choice
to win
you must raise your fists
or canter
so like a wild horse I rode the night wind and chose to survive.

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